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I was a hyperactive child, which logically led my parents to find the perfect sport for me. I was skiing, running, swimming. Unfortunately, at the age of fifteen, when I was already swimming with the selection of the Czech representation, illness stop my sports career, but not the sport as such. Sport gave me strength not only physically but also psychically, giving me the chance to overcome the difficult moments in my life. And because I was interested in how the human body works and how to heal it, I became Fitness Coach, Health Therapist, Nutritionist, I studied Homeopathy and Ayurveda. 

As a sports coach, I worked at the Holmes Place, Health & Fitness Olga Šípková at the Congress Center in Prague, as a therapist at the Hilton Prague (Cybex), the King's Court Hotel (Prague) and in Kladno rehabilitation department.

I have summarized all of my interests in the Healthy Lifestyle Advisor, which gives me the opportunity to help people at all levels I've been studying: nutrition, weight training, sports training, psychology.