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To permanently lose weight and not suffer from the feeling that you something must or mustn't is only the matter of setting the right mode. A mode that you will be able to accept and enjoy. Which you will keep up.

Your body will accept it as a better solution, then your psychic will deal with it, and this is the basis for losing your weight and staying there permanently.

Setting up the right dietary plan is individual. Nutrition counseling is based on a thorough analysis of your body, your eating habits and habits and your lifestyle. A thorough analysis of your current nutrition, whether you are giving your body what it needs and setting up a new diet.

We´ll consider what you expect from me and what you want to achieve. Coaching begins with the first meeting :). I´ll  lead you and show you the results, this is why I ´ll ask you to fill in the questionnaire that we compare each month and set our goals, or check whether we are keeping what we have set.

An important assumption for starting a change in life is to find out how I am currently at the moment.


This is done by the InBody 230

By regularly monitoring your body fat, and muscle mass or muscle development, you can better understand how your diet, lifestyle and exercise regime are influencing your body composition.

InBody230 uses bioelectrical impedance to evaluate the ratio of muscle mass and body fat rather than body weight alone.

Knowing what´s working for you can help you target and reach your wellness, appearance and longevity goal.